Paul Steffan: Education of a Teacher

At the end of this teaching life all I will have is what I've left behind of me. 

Paul Steffan
           At the end of this teaching life all I will have is what I've left behind of me. 

    When I was a boy I never thought I would be a teacher. I wanted to be a zookeeper, or a fireman, doctor, even a lawyer, but never a teacher. When I was in my early 20's I still did not want to be a teacher. Studying for my undergraduate it never once crossed my mind. So how does someone in their last year of undergraduate studies in Montreal, Canada suddenly move to become a teacher? Opportunity and money. Going to Seoul, South Korea to join the EPIK programme (English Programme in Korea) gave me my first experience in front of a classroom. I cannot say that I was immediately enamoured by teaching. The reason for this was simple; it was hard. Twenty years later it is still hard.